Free To Play Mobile Release + Patch


I have a big surprise for you! INVISIBOX is now available on MOBILE DEVICES!
Yes you heard right! Android and iOS! And the best thing is: You can play it for free!
The mobile version is basically just like the pc version, including all 90 levels.
There are only small differences. The biggest difference really is that the mobile version is free to play.

So if you don't own Invisibox yet or you want to have a challenging puzzling experience on the go:
You can go download Invisibox right now!

Choose your version:

And there is more news:
Together with the mobile release I am also releasing a patch for the PC Version with some requested features and important improvements.
You can find the full changelog and differences between PC and mobile version below. If your steam client doesn't update automatically try restarting steam.

Patch Notes Invisibox Version 1.1

  • Simplified Tutorial
  • Made Level 17 easier
  • Made Level 20 harder
  • Boxes now have a subtle idle animation before you make your first move so that you notice all individual boxes
  • You earn Helpers now even when you used a Helper to solve the level
  • You now start the game with zero Helpers (If you have played the game before you will still have all your Helpers)
  • On Game Over Screen Click first fills out all stars and only when all stars are filled the click will start the next level
  • Added Twitter Button to Main Menu
  • Added Notifications that ask you to write a review. Write a review to stop them from showing up. (Click Yes if you have already written a Review)
  • Increased amount of level sway
  • Added Option to toggle level swaying animation
  • Increased background movement
  • Made Target Squares a bit more transparent
  • Fixed and Improved Scaling for different Window Sizes
  • Game now supports even more window sizes. Rescaling the window has never been more fun!
  • Improved Mouse Menu Controls
  • Default Helper Key is now Spacebar
  • Fixed a whole bunch of bugs
  • Improved Performance a lot

Mobile Version differences from PC version:

  • The mobile version is free to play
  • Supports landscape and portrait mode
  • You only earn one Helper for 3 stars, zero for everything else
  • You can use a Helper even when you don't have any left by watching a short ad
  • Sometiems shows Ad when continuing to next (the more stars you earn the less likely it will be you get to see an ad)
  • Sometimes shows Ad when restarting a level
  • Added Banner Ads to some menus
  • Doesn't have all the options the pc version has
  • Has a lock orientation option
  • Doesn't have the Visibox option
  • Doesn't have a quit button
  • No Back Button in Menus. (Swipe left/right to go back or use android back button)
  • Has a mute button in main menu


Invisibox 1.1.2 DRM Free 9 MB
May 18, 2018

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