Update 1.0 + Steam Release!

Yay! Finally! You can now buy and play Invisibox via Steam!
The steam release includes great new stuff like Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards or Steam Cloud Support but also bring a game patch with new content and improvements. You can read the changelog below!

To celebrate the Steam Release Invisibox will launch with a generous 20% discount on steam and 40% on itch.io! So get it now, the next sale is far in the future and won't be so generous. The itch.io version also includes, besides a drm free version, a steam key to get the steam version as well.

Here the Changelog for todays patch 1.0 (Changes since the initial early access release 0.9):

  • Added more Levels, bringing the total amount to 90 Levels
  • Added Color Blind Mode
  • Added more Game Over Screen Stuff
  • Added Steam Achievements
  • Added Star Counter
  • Added Steam Cloud
  • Added Visibox Mode
  • Added New Retrific Intro
  • Level 50+ needs 100 collected stars before getting unlocked
  • Minor Balancing Changes
  • Obviously fixed some bugs and tweaked some other things
Available now!

Visit the steam store page:


Please also leave a review on steam once you activated your steam key and played 1.0 for a bit :)
And don't forget to add tags to the game. This really help me a lot. Thanks!


Invisibox 1.0 DRM Free 9 MB
Oct 18, 2017

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