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Very fun short game!!


Back into it...

Soo i finally finish this game after 3 videos...

btw i was wondering if there will be anymore updates?


That's actually flippin amazing.

Amazing gameplay, please make more, add some story and stuff, I'd love some bar fights breaking out and such.


LOTS of fun, keep going!


:D had a lot of fun trying to win and kinda messed up with the params and cheats

Really like how cool and simple of a western game this is! Wasn't able to beat it but it was really interesting trying to be tactical and be wary of how much bullets you both get and use. Keep on making games~!


Gave it a go...

Awesome Video! Had much fun watching it and some of your feedback was taken into account for the last updates.


Played it (multiple times) and made a video. I hope you'll get to expand it because it's a quite polished prototype. It would be great if you could get something from dead enemies. Probably bullets since health is... unrealistic.